'The Bones'

New Photo Apps!

I've downloaded two new apps for my iPhone 4S (Camera + and Afterlight), and have been experimenting with them this weekend. There are so many filters for color, texture and lord-knows-what-else that it can be intimidating at first; I suppose I should just read the insturctions, but come on, it's way more interesting (ahem, time-consuming) to just try every. single. filter. on each picture! Below is a slide show of my weekend creations (hello very green cat!).  What apps do you use for your photos?

Finally, Wednesday!

Congrats, you made it to hump day! Every Wednesday I post a "Pause for Five" image on Instagram: five things I have in my house or found while I was out shopping or just thought looked fun together. Things you normally wouldn't see together.  So here it is (and I just downloaded some fun camera apps, so I had a go with them on this shot): park bench, doll head (found it in my garden last year, creeeeeeepy!), key, pink pig and copper pot. Do you have a great 'fiver' image? Email it to me and I'll post it!

Skelly Love, Leigh :)


My First Art Fair!

I'm thrilled to tell you that I've been accepted to the 43rd annual Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival! I was a bit nervous about getting in because it's a juried show, I've never done one, and they wanted pictures of my booth! Ack! I don't have a booth! Because I've never done a show! So I threw myself into the process of creating a fake booth so I could submit the skellies for this festival.

That hurdle cleared, it was on to the process of creating a REAL booth! I got a 10x10 tent, which takes up nearly my whole backyard, and I made a 35-pound weight for each of the legs from PVC pipe and concrete (see the tutorial I followed). They feel like they weigh a lot more than 35 pounds!

I'll post pictures of the display as I get it worked out; in the meantime, why not set the festival dates on your calendar (July 26-28), you know, in case you want to come down and see the skellies in person :) 

Skelly Love, Leigh

New Website Launch!

All set to launch my new Skelly Chic website this week and I'm really excited! I'm new at this blogging matter, so stick with me and please leave comments! I loooove comments! Very soon I'm going to embark on my first DIY pinterest project and I'll be giving away the results (yes, it's true!); stay tuned, my friends!

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