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Cyber Monday Sale!

Enjoy a 20% savings on any order over $50.00 on Monday, December 2nd (excludes custom orders)! Just use coupon code CYBERMONDAY after you have filled your cart in my Etsy shop! Easy! Fun! And you'll also get a free gift with said order: a skelly rosette pin or magnet (see picture below)! More fun! You know what else? There are new new new skellies in the shop! Happy skelly shopping! What are you waiting for? Go there now and pick out your skelly!


Aren't these skelly rosettes cute?


Cut Paper Skelly & Bleached Bottle Brush Trees

I make skellies year round, but since it's well into November I figured I'd better begin work on holiday projects as well! I do have some skelly angels in the works (stay tuned!), but I also want to make one of those vintage-inspired glittery holiday houses for my mantle. But first: here is a skelly paper cut that I made today. There are 5 skelly faces; can you find them all? I'm thinking about mounting it on a canvas and adding some color; what do you think I should do with it? Share your thoughts in the comments!


So, on to the vintage house project: so far, I've bleached some trees and then dyed them with RIT dye. Next, on to the house itself. I can't decide which combo of trees to use; tell me your suggestions in the comments!



I hope to create a monthly treasury on Etsy, and the theme I chose for November is: Snug! Everything here is cozy, huggy (not a word, I know!) and welcoming! If I knew someone who chroched, I'd get that owl can cozie pattern pronto! You can see the full size treasury here. Which is your favorite snuggy? I'd love to hear in the comments! Enjoy!

November Skellies-of-the-Month!

I've gathered some fun skellies to adorn yourself and your home this month! Enjoy! 1. Ostrich Print from Fab.com 2. Dolls by KLTWorks on Etsy  3. Steve Madden scarf via Zappos 4. Baby Maternity Shirt by CristalzJewelz on Etsy 5. Skeleton Hand Stickers by VinylWallAdornments on Etsy 6. Weathervane designed by Edward Gorey Which is your favorite (I need that weathervane!)? Tell me in the comments!


Day of the Dead!

Today is Dia de los Muertos! Lee Lee and the skellies have all gathered with my Day of the Dead pumpkin to celebrate! My brother, who owns a cookie bakery in Houston, sent me some Day of the Dead cookies (you can order on-line or visit Michael's Cookie Jar if you live in Houston). I've also included a picture of my 'altar' that I made for my father, who died almost 7 years ago (and there is Frida, on the edge, keeping him company!). 

Have you made an altar? Whose life are you celebrating today? Tell me in the comments!


*Frida tag made by Amber Leilani Middleton

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