'The Bones'

Day of the Dead Lobstah!

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My latest skelly is a rubber lobster that I bought while in Maine; I primed, painted and sealed her with skelly love! Her name is Marina and I am really happy with how she turned out! Marina is for sale: $65.00 plus shipping; if you are interested, please email me! She is one of a kind, so scoop her up quick; I won't be making another! Is there an animal that you would like me to make into a skelly? Tell me in the comments!

Multiples & Repeats

I've a love of multiples of any kind, and if they are tiny, all the better! I created an Etsy Treasury to declare my zeal, and it turns out I really dig orange & aqua as well (who knew)! I'd love to know which is your favorite; tell me in the comments! (pssst: see the treasury full size here, or click on any of the images below!)

Salem & Ogunquit

My husband, Aiden, and I went on a four-day excursion to Salem, MA and Ogunquit, ME. It was so much fun (Lee Lee had a great time), and the weather was perfect (one cloudy day, but it made the sea look stunning)! 

this orange stuff was growing on some of the rocks; I took about 20 pictures of it :)


panoramic sunrise!


there were hundreds of these rock towers tucked into the mini beaches that led down to the sea


one more, because I can't help myself :)


the sounds of the sea and waves were mesmerizing….what is your favorite thing about the sea? Tell me in the comments!

And the skelly giveaway winner is….

Drumroll please…..cue the confetti…..the winner is: DANIELLE! Congratulations, Danielle, please let me know which skelly you have chosen, and email me your particulars so that I can get said skelly to you ASAP! So much fun!  So for you other folks: no need to be downtrodden, for I am planning a mega-month of giveaways in October (the official month of skellies)! Stay tuned for details, and for heaven's sake, sign up for my newsletter if you haven't already (over there on the right side of the screen)!!! 

My next show is September 14th, right around the corner; I'm working on adding some fun new skellies (owls!) to the line up, and also some paintings; here's a sneak peek at one of the paintings. What kind of skellie would you like me to make next? Please tell me in the comments!

August Skellies-Of-The-Month!

Wow, it's already August! Here are some fun skellies to check out this month: The cat skull ring is sooo fun, the planters are genius….and how cute would that pillow look my couch (I mean your couch)! Cookies are always welcome, the embroidered zipper pulls will have people stopping you to check them out and the bottle cap magnets will make you smile every time you open the fridge door….and make you want a margarita….

Which is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

august skellies 2013

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