Fresh & New

January is a time for blank canvases & fresh starts, but since each of my skellies is one-of-a-kind, I get many opportunities throughout the year to begin anew. I have big (and scary!) goals for 2018, though, including exhibiting at shows in the southwest (I am going to drive to Texas! From Norwich! And then I have to drive back!). I also want to dig deeper and refine my craftsmanship, learn new techniques and hopefully connect more with folks who respond to my work. Finding a balance between how (and how much) I work, time for learning & exploring, and having a life outside of work is also paramount. 

Enjoy your first (and always free) skelly download of 2018 (just click on the coordinating image below, then right click and choose ‘save as desktop background’, or save and download to your smartphone). Easy! 

I hope you have a blank canvas in front of you this new year; if so, throw everything you've got at it, and make the next 365 days count! Happy January!

Skelly Love,
Leigh xo

Desktop Background Download:


Smartphone Background Download:


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